One of the things I'm most proud of in 2022 was that I stuck to some personal habits like going to the gym, eating well, and meditating.

I believe these habits helped me get more in tune with myself and get the confidence necessary to take bold steps, like taking out a loan to focus on my products and put myself on the road to financial freedom.

The word of the year

The 2022's word of the year was "Conquer," which had nothing to do with conquering the world or any other egotistical goal.

It had to do with me conquering myself.

I don't want to sound like some guru or say that I've found the meaning of life, but living calmer and more aware of myself and my surrounding has given me the peace to chase less what others expect of me and go more after what I'm supposed to be and do with my life.

With that said, this year's word is "Reclaim" — which has to do with me continuing to rebuild myself after so many years of hardships. I hope to be able to continue the momentum I've gained since this past September and build upon that.

So what exactly happened in Q4 of 2022?

Some of the options in 2023

  • Maintain my basic habits: sleep, gym, fast, meditate, and eat no junk.
  • Be good with money.
  • Listen closely to where customers want to take blogstatic and deliver on that.

And above all, I want to continue being kind to myself and give myself more margin to operate in.