I have never really given blogstatic a real chance to succeed.

Up to now, I've said a version of any of the following.

  • "It's a side project..."
  • "I did it in ~30 hours..."
  • "It's growing slowly without much marketing..."

And that is unfair to the product and the time I've put into it: around ~500 hours in total, spread across 18 months since launch.

I can safely admit that this attitude is most likely my ego protecting itself from a potential failure.

In other words, if it didn't go anywhere, it would have been easier to say:  —"Oh, well, it was just something I did in my spare time".

I don't want to treat it like a hobby. 

I want to treat it like the real thing that it is.

A product with paying customers who already publish with it.

blogstatic deserves a real chance

The product itself deserves more respect from me.

Also, customers who have already paid for it and use it regularly deserve more respect for their trust in the product.

Getting out of my way, letting the ego take a breather, and giving blogstatic the respect it deserves is the right way forward.

With the newly rebranded website and the new "no-brainer" pricing of just $19/year, it's time blogstatic gets more attention from me.

Hopefully, that dedication will pay off by attracting more potential users.

There are so many customer requests waiting to be implemented and deployed. Requests which I've postponed for one reason or another.

Why this post?

Since launching the rebranded website yesterday, the amount of chat support has made me realize that people need this.

And there's already a payment. Welcome, Ante!

Yes, it needs more themes, but it's already being used "as-is" and can only improve moving forward.

The vision forward

The vision is to witness blogstatic being used by thousands of bloggers.

The only way to see it through is if I give it the attention it deserves.

It would be regrettable to let it float in the vast ocean of products without trying everything I currently have in my arsenal.

And with the recent funding I have received, this is now more possible.

The number of incremental improvements and changes I have deployed since yesterday is super fulfilling because I can do more of that daily.

Let's see how far it can go with me pushing it forward and if, at some point, it starts to feel the market pull that I believe it deserves.