Val Sopi

Chief Product Artisan at Handmade Spaceships, Inc.


More about me

I am currently building and podcast on monthly basis at Bootstrapping Saas where I talk openly about my lessons, failures, and successes.

I have previously made Claritask in public, which I exited in March of 2020 for a situation-changing amount.

I am a designer by education (BA in Graphic Design at Montclair State University) and developer by trade.

You can mostly find me on Twitter.

To get in touch, DM me on twitter. There's no Email address associated with this domain.

Note: If the article above offers any advice, even remotely, please take it with a pinch of salt (as with any advice on the internet) and always evaluate your context first. See what best fits you and use my lessons as something you can bounce off of with a better approach for your situation. The same goes about this sub-advice : )