Sort of without fail and unplanned, every year in December, I usually think of a word that I want to live by the upcoming year.

Depending on what kind of year I have had, the Word for the upcoming one should represent the practical step ahead for me.

Example: If I feel that my current year has been very hard, the Word for the next year would be "Revival." And that Word would stick with me throughout the year to revive everything in and around me.

Words that I have used in the past that I can remember of were: Restore, Rebound, Maintain, and so forth.

The Word that I choose, I write it down in my notebook or anywhere I can stumble upon daily or weekly.

Sort of a reminder of what I'm aiming for throughout the year.

My 2022 Word

After a couple of hard years, I've had a solid 2021.

In 2021, I sold my product (Claritask) which provided my family and me with a solid runway ahead. It was a "situation-changing" amount, if not "life-changing" for what became of it. I managed to start another product (blogstatic) which is already generating revenue. And I've had a few other lucky personal breaks throughout the year.

It was a long time coming.

My 2021 Word was "Materialize".

My Word for 2022 starts with the letter C. I cannot share what this Word is, yet, as it's very personal and raw at the moment. But, I can say that it's a progressive one that will motivate and energize me going forward.

How do I come up with the Word?

I come up with the Word in a holistic way. It has to do with how I feel my year went and what I sense my next year will be like.

The Word usually comes to me quite fast.

The key is to not doubt it or try to come up with another one. 

The first one is the truth.

It always helps thinking about the Word in solitude, out in nature, by the ocean, deep in the forest, or overlooking mountains.