March was an absolutely insane month for The majority of this spike I can attribute to the price change announcement on March 1st and customers were rushing to lock in their price.

The customers

At the risk of sounding corny and salesy, I can't say enough about how grateful I am for blogstatic's customers, current and new. They are understanding, patient, giving. In no time I feel rushed or frustrated. Maybe it's the product that gives them a sense of ease.

I had tweeted this a while back that "how you feel about your product, [chances] are your customers will feel the same"

quote - the way you feel about your product, is how your users will feel about it...

Patting my back a bit, I know. But, I'm trying to be kind to myself and celebrate any win I can get, in hopes that they'll keep multiplying.

Anyway, on with the numbers...

Here are the details

  • After Stripe fees and 1% climate contributions blogstatic made $3,916.81 in net sales.
  • $852.04 were paid back to Stripe Capital for the much needed loan I took out back in March, which is btw close to being 30% paid off. A little over a month after taking it out — a little thing I am proud of.
  • I left $500 in the company bank account to cover some of the expenses.
  • $2,614.77 made it back to my bank account!

This is the most I've ever made in a given month online 🥳

Other records broken

  • Most New Business MRR in a month = $261
  • Most New Clients = 75
  • Most Upgrades (expansion MRR) = 10
  • The largest mtm growth ever = 25.07%

And the biggest one

Crossing $15K ARR (edging closer to $16K ARR)


March 2024 has been an unbelievable month.

The cynical imposter side of me says: —"Well, it was driven by the price increase and people were rushing to lock in their old pricing" (this is probably why I don't do any proper marketing, because my cynical mind says "it's a boost. it's fake." — but that's for another post).

The rational part of me says: "Well, clearly there's a need for the product. Otherwise no one would care about any price increase. Try to discount/promote/upsell something no one needs."

I am looking forward to learn what April has in store with the new pricing. Let's see if there's enough pain–and–need to justify the 100% price increase (sometimes more) across the board.

blogstatic has been a product of "taking chances".

"Let's give it another shot" has been the mantra throught.

It all started with this post.

I want to see how far it can go.