For context, read this article first.

TLDR: A year ago, I took out a loan and went all–in pursuing my financial freedom. The words below are an update a year on the day.

Poetically speaking

Here I am, one year later.

I am somewhere in the open ocean.

Doing fine.

Food is dwindling, but I'm finding new ways to restock the reserves.

I wish by now I had found land with abundant fruit that can support me for years to come.

I might be close.

From time to time, when the weather is clear, I think I see distant islands ahead, but I'm not sure if they're just a mirage and if my mind is reading clouds for land.

Sailing on, I must follow the wind and water currents that are giving me the most push ahead. Hopefully, they will lead me to my promised land.

Technically speaking

blogstatic is doing fine.

Better than fine, actually, considering I wanted to give it one last shot and see if it survives.

Surprisingly, it did.

Last month was the best to date, crossing $1K in monthly revenue.

It was perfectly timed to coincide with the 1st anniversary.

Growth has been steady.

month over month mrr growth, etc.
ChartMogul Dashboard

Since blogstatic has yearly pricing only, I don't look at it as MRR yet.

A growing line from September 2022 to August 2023
ChartMogul Dashboard

In a month, annual renewals are due, which should increase the monthly revenue in tandem with the new MRR it will get.

The best part: blogstatic has a growing number of raving customers!

a collage of customer support tickets
Customer chat sessions

Evaluating my own expectations

Expectations and comparison can kill a good thing, but here I go:

By now:

  • I wish I was netting $10K/month personally
  • I wish I had paid off my personal loan and my investor

One thing I'm proud of is constantly finding ways to push away the "Doomsday!" aka "the day my runway ends".

The goal of making more $$$ than I spend remains the ultimate one.

At this rate, I hope to soon cross over on the green and make "Doomsday!" an un–materialized fear of the past.

The fantastic support from maker friends

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to document everything publicly was to hopefully get support from friends, which amazingly I did — and it helped me tremendously get over various incoming storms.

Working solo can get super lonely.

Having friends to cheer you on is a blessing ?

a collage of congratulatory tweets
Tweets from maker friends

I cannot thank you enough for all the support ?

I am so grateful ?

Never ever taking any of it for granted.

The home front

Expenses have gone up with the growing needs of the family.

Emotionally speaking, I've never been more calm while steadily treading water ahead. This is a big one because, amidst all of the unknowns, I am managing to stay away from distractions and keep going.

What continues to help me in that regard is taking care of myself first and foremost via physical activity, meditation, and healthy eating.

Where are things headed?

My current goal is to bring blogstatic to more people around the world.

Also, the itch for a B2B SaaS is still there.

I initially hoped to work on multiple products, but I quickly learned that blogstatic was taking most of my time. However, now that blogstatic is mature enough and the main work is mostly not to overwork it — I have the time and the mental space to work on another potential Saas.

With all that said — blogstatic deserves more marketing love!

I need to up the marketing if I am to see its full potential come through.

Thank you!

Going forward, I will continue sharing the ins and outs of my journey. 

And I am happy to hear that, occasionally, my actions are inspiring another maker out there, which is the biggest reward ?

This road can get discouraging at times.

Encouraging others is key ✊