blogstatic had another above $1K month.

$1,208.38 to be exact.

This was the third +$1K month overall, since rebranding back in 2022.

a list of transfers from stripe to blogstatic's bank account
Stripe transfers

B2C/P is not that bad

I've mentioned this a few times, but a few things I am pleasantly surprised about B2C/P as far as blogstatic goes, is that churn and refunds are pretty low and customers are super pleasant.

blogstatic is my first consumer/prosumer centric app and going into it, based on others' stories, I was dreading the abovementioned things that are indeed non-existent in blogstatic.

With that said, here's what I most love about blogstatic:

  1. Customers: Pleasant, professional, forgiving.
  2. Growth: Organic, recommended, retained.
  3. Making: Challenging, fun, neverending.

My stress levels as a founder are at an all–time low compared to anything else I've made and launched before. And this is a great thing because it allows me to think clearly and not rush things. Especially when planning new features or dealing with crises.

Case in point: The other day I accidentally deleted everything while deploying a feature. However, I quickly recovered it all because I had everything in place for times like these.

a screenshot of the tweet explaining how I deleted everything in blogstatic and how i managed to quietly bring everything back up
The tweet from that infamous day

The main reason why I tried to stay calm, was not to act like some fancy guru that nothing bothers them. It had to do with me trying to maintain a clear vision of what needed to happen next: —Follow the steps I had laid out for my future self months before.

This awareness I can fully credit to meditating for the past few years, but stressing out OR acting like "something big is happening and I need to act fast" would have only blurred my vision, causing me to skip steps.

Where to next

I am super grateful that I am enjoying blogstatic and want this to last.

There are really no hard plans other than constantly improving it.

I want blogstatic and its customers to take me where they want to.

I am their steward.


After publishing this post, I realized that blogstatic crossed $10K in MRR at some point in the last few weeks.

the dashboard in chartmogul depicting blogstatic's growth

It's truly incredible to witness this steady growth.