blogstatic is growing slowly at around 20% month-to-month.

Currently, it's hovering at ~$700/month in revenue.

Since pricing is currently "yearly" only, each month starts from zero.

It will be interesting come October 2023 when the first yearly upgrades start renewing, and I will witness what churn will be like.

Also, any new revenue in October will be in addition to renewals.

Expenses, excluding me, are super low: At less than $100/month, making blogstatic 85% profitable.

Adding new customers will not make expenses grow.

What would help it grow is more themes and more visits to the marketing website since conversions are pretty solid:

  • 10% from visits to trial
  • 10% from trial to paid

And these conversion rates have held steady since October 2022, when I decided to give blogstatic a solid chance.

$700/month with a 20% mtm growth is not enough to pay me. However, it's enough to sustain itself. But, I still have to get paid since my product-making and the investment are the only way I currently feed my family.

If blogstatic keeps growing at this rate, come October, it should hover at around $1400/month + each month's renewals.

The ideal outcome would be for blogstatic to start crossing $3K in monthly revenue as my loan and finances start to dwindle.

I am all in for the challenge and energized, but I feel dread, excitement, angst, and clarity all at once.