Coming from October, November was again another solid month.

blogstaticOctober '22November '22Growth
Total revenue$305.19$472.5955%
New paid blogs182750%

On average, there was a new payment every day, which is excellent. Not enough to call it a sustainable business, but enough to call it a growing one with 59 paid blogs at the end of November.

The downside

One downside of running a Saas with a yearly plan is that you start from Zero every month. It's almost like a brick-and-mortar store.

The difference is that after a year, new accounts will be added on top of the existing ones, which can start to build up some predictable stability.

Is this PMF?

However, for the first time in blogstatic's journey, I wondered if it has hit product-market fit and analyzed this conundrum a bit on the pod.

A few things are recurring for sure:

  • Happy customers
  • Compliments vs starting a blog with WordPress
  • Predictable sales (1 per day so far)

Is this "traction"? —I'm not sure, honestly.

I cannot lie. The entire operation does feel slow. Not in a negative way. But each month, starting at zero and needing to exceed the previous one, feels daunting. 

However, consistent growth in the second month after the rebrand and price change does feel promising. But the real test will be in December.

If the last month of the year does increase in growth, I can start saying that blogstatic is onto something. 

Sidenote: Sometimes I feel blogstatic launched two months ago, in October when I wrote this — and its initial launch on April 2021 can be considered the alpha or beta.

All in all, November 2022 was a great month in many ways. Not just the revenue and user growth but the new improvements and features being launched, as well.

Here are a few big ones I managed to write a post about:

And a few I didn't get to writing a post about:

  • Twitter, FB, and meta cards on post level
  • Newsletter block translations

And a gazillion of other tweaks are being deployed daily that I will never get a chance to write about. Otherwise, I'll be stuck "talking the talk" and not "walking the walk" instead ?