Growing up I was always told to work hard, wait my turn, and good things will happen.

However, I've been the most successful when I didn't wait.

The "waiting room" is the worst place to be in. 

You're at the mercy of someone else letting you in.

Working hard is important. However, it's smarter to know what you're "working hard" towards.

Working hard and waiting for a door to open can eat years out of life.

Opening the door first, seeing that it's made for you, and working the bejesus out of it — is where success is.

"Working the bejesus out of it" — is not neglecting your basic needs. It's running a marathon, eating and sleeping well, meditating, going full force when needed, taking a break, and running an optimal self to endure the marathon.

Don't stay in the "waiting room". The "waiting room" is depressive.

Knock on doors. See the ones that open up for you. After opening them, see if they fill you with life. See if your outlook on life changes for the better when you're inside that door.

Once you find that door, give it hell.

And life is a neverending cycle of waiting rooms and doors remaining to be opened.

Avoid waiting rooms at all costs, and seek doors yet to be opened.