Context: Read Nick Cave's letter first.

ChatGPT (or similar) are just tools!

Nothing more.

They're akin to when tools like Photoshop came out.

It made designers better at what they did.

It didn't create for them but helped them deliver more results in less time and it gave them the opportunity to offer more options and solutions to their clients.

When digital cameras came out, purists thought that it would ruin film.

I like the feel of film, but "digital" helped democratize the process.

There are more YT videos and more artistic films than we could ever consume. This abundance does come with its downsides, but we have options and unlimited possibilities to learn and be entertained.

All AI can do is help in the process.

I agree that it can create things from scratch, but no artist or maker will call those creations their own. And the rest of us will become more discerning about which is which. Just as we're developing an affinity for recognizing deep fakes, regardless of how good they are.

Say I am writing fiction and I'm stuck with a dilemma about a character.

I will ask it to give me a few options and then I'll make the decision on the direction. AI just helped me speed up the process.

Our human need to create based on our experience will lead the way. 

AI can never replace that.

Though it will replace a ton of technicalities, in a creative way.

The other day I was talking to a friend who does a ton of research on various public issues and he said [paraphrasing] — "Now I am a better researcher. I push ChatGPT to its limits to examine my sources, which makes me work even harder to get to the bottom of my research."

GPT and the like — just like Photoshop or digital — are here to stay.

The more we learn how to use AI, the further ahead our creations will be.

And I can't wait for the day when we use AI/AGI for a more inclusive and progressive outcome–based global governance.