Monthly tweet update

Looking back at the tough June, I thought I should clear up a few things as the much better July is almost over.

  • ? Bummer: June tanked with the lowest revenue to date ($216.61) since the re-launch back in October.
  • The reason for that major tanking was the introduction of monthly pricing ($7/$12/$35) instead of the yearly ones that seemed to work perfectly ?‍♂️
  • I quickly switched back to the yearly prices, and everything went back to normal... and more ✊
  • WIN: It's July 15th, and the revenue is already at $720.11, with 16 days left on the calendar ?
  • At this rate, it might just be the best month ever, beating December 2022, which came in at $779.91 — and was heavily assisted by the PH launch ?

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