One change I’ve made recently in my product making process is that I stop as soon as I sense that I am “pushing it”.

I quit immediately.

Right there and then.

If I don’t feel fresh, my work will look stale.

I hit more “in the zone” states this way.

It takes a ton of discipline and trusting my self to quit when the going gets tough.

I am less creative when grinding.

Before, I used to push through just to see myself get more tired and frustrated. And my work would suffer.

And usually I need half an hour to come back at it, or drop it entirely until the next day.

Resting has become a secret weapon that I keep using whenever an opportunity shows itself.

This is the only way to win the long battle. Retreat when needed. Rest fully. Comeback stronger until the next roadblock. Repeat.

One fully rested step at a time.