Pop culture glorifies quitting. I have done it. There's nothing glorious about it. Having your savings dwindle fast is no fun. Time is relative. You have no idea how fast it flies when you need it the most. Especially when you have no contacts in the industry nor an audience. Or, even worse, you have a family to feed.

Yes, fortune favors the bold.

But, what if being bold means stiffing up that upper lip. Going through the motions at your job. Getting paid so you can: feed yourself/family and save for that glorious exit. And while at your job, use nights and weekends to get your small services and products off the ground.

And once these original creations can feed you ramen noodles, you can part ways with your employer. Or maybe you don't even have to. Maybe they become your first client.

Have you ever thought of these options?

I wish that's the way I had done it. I wish someone had told me all these options when I started out.

More options

Also, instead of quitting your job, what if you offer your employer a no decision stake in your product as long as they let you work on it a few hours per week, on company time (because you can't work at home for x reason).

Maybe you can even take a salary cut as a negotiating option.

Here's another idea. What if at your day job you can automate most of your daily routines without compromising your quality of work? I know it's not possible every time, but what if some parts of it are actually possible. This way you can save your brain power for working on your product later at home.

There are plenty of ways to tread towards your financial freedom without quitting cold turkey.

Small progressive steps.

Not burning bridges.

Building relationships.