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You Don’t Need a Logo

August 11, 2015

In the overflowing market of a gazillion companies, everyone tries to make a mark.

The winners are those who make a mark by doing and not by trying to stand out by designing their new logo. Nike made that swoosh, the swoosh didn’t make Nike.

Yes, you actually do need a logo.

But, before you get a new logo, you need to build a culture within your company first, take care of your employees and all your constituents alike, and build a sustainable existence that serves the market and the society in one form or another.

No logo can ever give you these traits. Yes, it will enhance the tangible elements, but it will never create the illusion of it.


Before you design your new logo, build a culture first. Never think of a “company” as a collection of brick and mortar standing strong in the corner of the neighborhood. I made that mistake way back when I started out in 2001.

A company is a culture of like-minded people serving the market they operate in. This sort of a company can have any logo and people will know what it stands for. The culture brands the logo and not the other way around.


As a designer I can never fake-create a culture through a logo, if that particular culture does not exist in the first place.

As a company of good people: create a culture, design a logo that reflects those ideals, and then live up to that logo.

Create a long lasting culture of good ideals and solid service. Be useful as a group of people, make sense for existing and always put the good customer first.

First written on on April 3 2012

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