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What is growth?

August 10, 2015

There are many great articles about growth and what growth really means.

Especially in Saas.

This one is not one of those.

This quick post was inspired by a tweet from @aexmo.

@scottbelsky @jasonfried growth is such an overused metric - why can't enough be deemed a success?

— Alex Morris (@aexmo) August 7, 2015

When you’re running a private company, you have the freedom to define what growth is and how much of it is good.

In which I concurred

@aexmo because when you're public, you have to grow (or seem like you're growing: fb videos) // or investors jump ship (but we know that)...

— Val Sopi (@valoni) August 7, 2015

Yes, exponential growth in user-base, higher MRR, bigger LTV, as years go by, does mean growth.

However, Twitter is still not considered a success by Wall Street, after all these years.

Granted, they can definitely do a much better job in monetizing its platform. However, as far as its user-base and subject-matter go, there’s only so much of it that can go around.

The likes of Facebook, monetize on the mundane, low-value content, which doesn’t make them the villain. However, there’s more of it.

Twitter’s content value, compared to that of Facebook, is light years ahead residing in a different parallel.

There’s only a handful of users you can get based on substantial content. A content which alters thoughts, shifts paradigms, inspires.

—If only Twitter was able to monetize better, shut-up Wall Street skeptics, buy back its company, and run as a private entity.


That’s why at Goodwerp I hope to stay investor free for as long as we possibly can. Yes, to angels who want to be a part of the team/board, without any intention to sell out quick.

For Goodwerp, growth means having always new clients around-the-world who live and swear by our online products (be it 1000 or 1 million companies).

We have no outside investors. We don’t have to sell to the next in line. We (us and our users) make the call.

Financially, we hope to keep generating enough revenue to keep making great online products — and above all — live good as employees of our creation.


I always like to use the analogy of body-building, when talking about growth.

For some, growth means becoming Ronnie Coleman.

For me, I’m happy with a lean body.

Growth for me (personally) is maintaining longevity, remaining healthy, having a normal BMI, being able to play various sports.

Yes, companies may or may not be people.

But, that’s growth to me.

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