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Selling B2B Saas as a Solopreneur

June 29, 2018

The truth of the matter is that you can’t really sell a B2B Saas portraying a solopreneur. It’s just plain impossible. B2C Saas Yes, but never a B2B product.

Businesses want to deal with other established businesses. They want to buy from other enterprises. They don’t want to buy from a genius solopreneur. It’s just a big risk to take for a Business. Especially, when switching products and infrastructure is still hard, even in the cloud.

I’ve tried selling a B2B Saas circa 2013 portraying the actual ultimate truth behind it: 4 guys in a garage. Sales? You guesses it. Around 1-2% conversion rate and sky-high churn.

If you have a product meant to solve enterprise problems, you must setup your company as such that it embodies a business, a company of people that will be around for a while. Never feeding skeptics’ objections. You must positively answer and fulfill every question that comes along about your product and your company, especially if you’re new without a brand name recognition.

Selling Saas to other businesses means that there will be several decision makers. With a Consumer facing Saas you only have to convince one person.

So there, if you want to go upmarket and sell a Saas product around $99/month or so, you have to act as a company serving another company. Hence, B2B and not S2B (solopreneur to Business).

What do you think?

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