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Love What You Do

December 30, 2015

You must absolutely love what you do. I’m not talking about your day-job that puts food on your table. I’m talking about the thing that puts your heart on fire and rewires your entire brain every time you think or work on it. (If your day-job is that as well, more power to you!)

If you are lucky enough to be working on something that is so dear to your heart, by all means, please love every bit of the process and all the hardships that come with it. Come to think of it, “hardships” are part of the fun and just a tiny hurdle we must overcome.

Never complain that you are working so hard in putting so many waking hours in it. Do not work on the thing you love the most because “you have to do it” (you don’t have to actually do anything) —Do it as if it were your spiritual calling. Because, deep down inside you know that there is nothing else you know how to do better.

Time and again I see people dreading the process and hating every bit of the build, while they talk about the potential millions they might make if “this thing” gets traction and how they must struggle now to get to that point.

The word “struggle” is just a poetic explanation by the observer of what we go through on daily basis. Don’t fall into the trap of romanticizing about what we as makers do. There is no struggle when making great stuff, no matter how hard our job can seem to an outsider. Your input is effortless.

Speaking of millions, real makers do care about the final outcome, because success will give them opportunities to make more things — however, deep down they care about their product working correctly and helping someone else across the pond better manage their day through a few carefully written lines of code.

Love every bit of the process. If you’re not in love with the process, make something else that translates your love into the making.

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