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If You Love Something, Don’t Let it Go

December 10, 2018

I now realize that the biggest lie I have ever heard growing up, was this: If you love something, let it go. If it’s meant to be, it will return to you.

Looking back, do you know how many headaches and heartaches that quote has caused me?

A few of you know that I am currently building Claritask.

I am pretty much working on Claritask every waking hour. Claritask is my escape. My procrastination. My love. My obsession. I love to tweak and shape every pixel and code that makes it run. I am like that Japanese woodworker who meticulously builds a perfectly fitted piece of furniture.

I pretty much work on it every chance I get. I even sneak out on Sunday mornings just to get a few lines of code in and make it perfect for the user X who is using Claritask.

This is a chat/confession in a Slack group I am a part of (which I highly recommend you join, if you’re a fellow bootstrapper

Megamaker chat

What’s making it even better is that a few people and companies that are using it are coming back to me with feedback on how they’re using it, with real screenshots, with requests, with praise. These things are making me fall in love with Claritask even more. And not only with Claritask the product, but for the first time ever in my professional life, with the excitement of knowing that someone out there in the world is finding a use for it on daily basis with something I’ve built with my bare hands. Literally.

So out of this inspiration, I went ahead and tweeted this —

When you love something don't let it go.
It wont come back.
Hold on to it.
Work on it.
Work with it.
Forever and ever nurture it.

— Val Sopi 波 (@valsopi) December 10, 2018

I feel blessed, really, for being able to work on something I love. It is sort of a deliberate choice that is pulling me in like a magnet, every day.

Jessica Hische has this famous quote, which I didn’t quite get it until now —

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”

And this “procrastination” could be little bits and pieces of what you currently do. In other words, if you are designer and usually wander into tweaking typography, than maybe that is your calling. If you’re a developer and you can’t wait for the part of the day/week where you get to mess with the server, than that’s probably it.

For me it’s Claritask.

If you are in love with something you are working on. For the love of Charlie, don’t ever let it go.

Nurture it.

Work on it.

Make it shine!

“Letting go” is bunch of malarkey, glorified in Hollywood films.

Never let go of something you love, until you see it through and through. Even if your circumstances cause you to stay apart from it for a period, don’t ever let it go in your heart.

My biggest regrets in life are about things that I didn’t commit to see through, not the “mistakes” I’ve made along the way.

I hope you are already working on something you Love, every day.

When you Love something, others feel it too, when they get to experience your work.

The reason we love the great works of art, is because through them we feel what the creators felt when they made it.

And nothing can beat that.

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