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How to Win

January 22, 2016

I watch a lot of tennis. Tons of it, actually. I’m a huge Federer fan, and a fan of any other tennis player (male or female) that shows great sportsmanship, hard-work, courage, and finesse.

Watching a match the other day, I noticed a pattern with those tennis players that constantly win and position themselves to the top, versus those that are one-hit wonders, or do it “once in a while”.

The difference between these two groups seems to be that the constant winners are always edging up towards the top, by taking advantage of the small margins ahead.

“One-hit wonders” are always “trying to hit it big”, sort of a all-or-nothing (or nothing-to-lose) attitude. They do get to the top once in a while, but that sort of winning is not sustainable and has no longevity.

The real winners are always adding to their story, inch-by-inch, until there is no other way but to win. You see, they steadily position themselves ahead of the pack. They wait their turn, take advantage of the chances, and closely edge to the top. And that’s how they stay up there.

Most of my career, I’ve been trying to be that ‘one-hit wonder’, not knowingly. But, as I noticed what the winners are doing, I realized that I was the other guys. Those that were always going for broke. And broke they went. As I have, many times over.

Realizing, what the winners are doing, has been an epiphany of sorts that is changing the way I look at everything.

I’m doing the small things, better. Inch-by-inch, adding up to the story. Building up. Taking the chances that are given to me (not making them up).

By doing these little things, I’m creating tradition. Tradition that helps propel the never-ending small steady-steps ahead.

You’ve probably known these things all along, but I was so excited to share these findings with you. Hoping that it will help you propel to where you want to be.

Let me know your thoughts on @twitter, and please share this story with others who you think can use a paradigm shift in their thoughts about what winning is.

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