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August 03, 2015

Hi, I’m Val.

My life is a collection of lucky forks-in-the-road.

Currently, I run Goodwerp INC, where we make online Saas products for clients & businesses around the world.

Above all, I am a family man and a survivor/fighter who is fascinated by tennis and traveling.

Val Sopi with Family
With my one and only

I subscribe to the easy-living philosophy, where I do what comes easy to me, which usually is what I do best.
Easy living
“So often I find myself living better when doing things that come easy to me”

Also, I spend most of my waking life with my son, who’s a chock-full of natural caffeine.
Running wild
Running wild

Code & Design

My very first love with code and design started when I was around 10 using a ZX Spectrum (which could help you figure out my age). Then I continued dabbling on Commodore 64 and made my first fully functional product at 12 years old on a PC386 running Basic.

Since then, I have learned to design, code, write, speak, manage projects, paint, landscape, photograph.

Fast forward years later…

Studies and Work

I studied Graphic Design at Montclair State University in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. Worked for a few ad agencies (Ogilvy, Weinrich) and ran my very first design firm at 24 (Lucid Vagabond, Inc.) in Wayne, NJ.

Also, I managed to work as a graphic designer for the NBA (National Basketball Association), New York Film Academy in Union Square, Oxfam America, and a few other corporations and smaller businesses alike.

Running my service businesses, serving clients, starting Saas products, founding a design conference, has helped me create a few ever-evolving opinions about business, design, online products, life-work balance, about which I write in this blog.

Presenting Goodwerp Simple
Presenting Goodwerp at the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Before starting Goodwerp, I made internal Saas-like applications for various organizations and businesses a like. These web-apps solved various managerial issues and helped my clients streamline their operations and become more effective in the process.

I have also helped found boldUnderline. llc, a service firm and REDO Design Conference.

Redo International Design Conference
With the incredible co-founders of REDO International Design Conference.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the team that made NEWBORN and won a Golden Lion in Cannes (and a few other notable awards). On which I wrote Newborn: In more Ways than One on UnderConsideration’s (now archived) Speak-up. For that I got a feature on my alma-matter with Making a Difference through Design.

Newborn awards
With the Newborn sculpture awards as a part of Ogilvy Kosova (Cannes Golden Lion, Silver Clio Miami, Golden Drum Slovenia, Silver Eurobest).


Myself and products I have created have appeared in Forbes, NPR, The Economist, inVentures (Vienna), Geektime (Tel Aviv), Product Hunt, Saascribe (UK), and other online venues.

Val Sopi presenting at Startup Istanbul
Presenting Goodwerp at Startup Istanbul in front of Dave McClure of 500 Startups, Jason Ball, and Rahul Sood.

I have personally appeared and presented in front of big crowds at Startup Istanbul, Launchub Sofia, StartupSauna (Helsinki), Startup Weekend (Prishtina), Global Entrepreneurship Week, and other venues in Europe and US as a startup founder, or a mentor.


Throughout my career I’ve been so lucky to work with smart and successful people.

Almost everyone ended up being my lifelong friend.

They have said kind words about me, and I’m humbled.

Val is a person of the highest character. If he says that he is going to do something, he will.
Dan Kurani, Founder/Advisor/Investor

Val is a detail oriented and innovative person. I had the chance to see his company (Goodwerp, Inc.) grow and get defined more and more every day, with strong products and defined markets. He managed to strip unnecessary products and focus his company talent in things that makes peoples lives easier. Val is a smart fellow and a great person to work with. I would encourage you to get to know him.
Çelik Nimani,

I’ve known Val for several years and count him as both a friend and a trusted professional colleague. He has done stellar work for organizations I have worked for. Never one to let a job go awry he would suggest creative solutions to project challenges. He was constantly thinking about the users/customers/readers. In addition he has been a driving force in improving the landscape for designers and developers in his community.
Teresa Crawford, Partners Global

Thanks to Val, I am the designer I am today! He is am amazing art director, who besides teaching me the professional transition from school to business; stressed learning, knowledge and willingness to forge ahead in this competitive business.
Carlos Benitez, Mccann Echo Torre Lazur

Goodwerp, Inc.

Throughout my career I had a chance to work in various levels of the design industry. From a junior production designer, to an art director, coder, client relations, and everything in between.

You name it and I’ve probably done it.

I’ve worked for companies that were highly organized (to a point where it cost them their efficiency) to companies where we had no idea who was working on what.

Taking lessons from these environments, circa 2013, I embarked on a journey to create the simplest most robust task and project manager that would help small businesses and individuals get organized just enough to get going with their working life.

Goodwerp core team
Early days with the Goodwerp team

Initially, Goodwerp started as a much bigger product. We learned, evolved, listened and produced Goodwerp SIMPLE.

With no outside investments and no marketing budget, Goodwerp SIMPLE has managed to become the underground indy software that is helping productive individuals stay on top of their work through the easiest and “snappiest” project manager.

The purpose of this blog

I always loved writing, but just enough to voice my opinions. Here I’ll try to share as many ideas as my time allows about the behind-the-scenes of all the troubles I’m getting myself into.

The road less traveled

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